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Spiritual Business Visibility Breakthrough Workshop with Abiola

In this free "BECOME A SPIRITPRENEUR EMPOWERMENT AUTHOR" masterclass you'll learn...

How Coaches, Healers & Creative Entrepreneurs Can Use a High Profile Book to Become Recognized Experts, Sell Without Selling & 10x Their Income Without Being Slimy, Sleazy or Pushy... 
High Visibility Spiritpreneur® to Author Secrets 
of $6+ Figure Coaches, Healers & Creative Entrepreneurs!
In this free, exclusive online workshop you'll discover...

How Coaches, Healers & Spiritual Entrepreneurs Become Recognized Experts with High Profile Influence, Sell Without Selling & 10x Their Income Without Being Slimy, Sleazy or Pushy... 
High Visibility Secrets 
of 6+ Figure Coaches, Healers & Creative Entrepreneurs!

Abiola Abrams

Your Workshop Host, 
Founder of Womanifesting.com

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• Free "Spiritpreneur® to Author Book-Brand-Business" online class for  Coaches, Healers & Creatives
• Essential knowledge to double your visibility & become a recognized expert & authority

Spiritpreneur® to Author Visibility Secret #1

How a Spiritpreneur Author Funnel Makes You More Money 
(Even Have Never Sold a Thing or Have Never Written a Word)

Spiritpreneur® to Author Visibility Secret #2

Why Just Writing a Book & "If You Build It They Will Come" is Total B.S. if You Want to Turn Your Message into a Movement
(Even if You've Written a Book Already)

Spiritpreneur® to Author Visibility Secret #3

Secrets of Building Micro-Celebrity for Your Message & Turning Readers to Dedicated Clients 
(Even if Not a Single Soul Knows Your Name)
About Your Master Coach
Meet Empowerment Midwife + Master Coach Abiola Abrams
Award-Winning Transformational Spiritpreneur® 
Coach, Author, Speaker & Media Personality
You may have seen Abiola Abrams sharing self-worth, spiritual business transformation, and empowerment advice on networks from MTV to the BBC, the Discovery Channel to the CW, on stages from New York City to London, on sites and publications from Match.com and the DailyOm to Paper Magazine and Essence Magazine. 

Abiola is also the award-winning author of "The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love," upcoming "Spiritpreneur Paradigm Shift" and founder of the Goddess Movement at Womanifesting.com.

Abiola's Goddess Retreats have taken women on spiritual inner journeys of transformation in Belize, Bali, Paris and now the 2020 Omega Retreat in June 2020.

Abiola's “Spiritual Business Visibility Secrets” are legendary for spiritual entrepreneurs who hate to sell; but need to sell and want to turn their missions into a movement...
How Can We Help?
Hi! I'm Abiola -​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Your Spiritpreneur Visibility Coach, Self-Worth Midwife and Abundance Alchemist...
It all starts with the courage to be seen.

Here's what we’ll cover in this FREE empowerment author event for coaches, healers, speakers and professional experts......
The Surprising Benefits of Being a High Visibility Spiritpreneur and Authorpreneur 
To us, your book is your ministry, one of the highest gifts you can create for your soulmate audience. In the Spiritpreneur Visibility Lab, our focus is on marketing, mindset and money. PLUS the mindset required to do what you say you want to do.
How a Spiritpreneur Author Funnel Changes Your Business
​​​​​​​You never want to just throw your book out there without marketing it. Having an author funnel insures that your soulmate audience finds your book PLUS builds your business.
The Secrets of Building Micro-Celebrity for Your Book's Message
It's time to turn your message, mission and mojo to a high vibe movement!
Marketing an Empowerment Book and Turning Readers to Clients
You can go with a big publisher or do indie publishing yourself. Either way, you will need to market your book. Let's use your book to build your brand and your business.

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